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I started my news and broadcasting career at WGR News Radio 55 as an intern when 55 was in the same buildings as WGRF 97 Rock. This would have been 1995. After 1995 I worked my way around the dial, working for WJJL in Niagara Falls. I spent a summer interning at Rich Products Bison Vision then wandered back into the radio stations that were moved to 695 Delaware Avenue and worked many  years for WWKB operating the control board for UB Athletics, NASCAR and the Buffalo Bisons. My voice was heard from time to time on commercial tag lines for WKSE-FM. I was eventually romoted to WBEN before leaving Entercom Buffalo. I spent some time moving to the other side of broadcasting and started a career in media sales with WBUF and WLVL. When not working in the media formally, I wrote freelance and for Helium, Yahoo and Examiner. I am proud to say that I was a long term resident of Western New York and have seen this Buffalo, NY at its best and worst, but no matter what the crisis may be the Citizens of Buffalo come together to overcome.As a locally educated college graduate with a B.S. in Business and a B.A. in Communications from Buffalo State. I have been able to pursue my interests in sports by working with the Buffalo Destroyers, Rochester Bridgade and Buffalo Bisons in the front offices. My career high to this point would have to be the time I spent working at the Small Business Desaster Center, then located in Niagara Falls, during the 9-11 Terrorist Attack, where we processed loans for economic and disaster support for victims, it was difficult work and highly stressful, but gave me the opportunity to serve others, something as a member of the media I always kept in the forefront.

This is a position that ensures billing and placement of advertising. Not a traffic reporter.

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